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Gore Bioscience

Advanced Testing

Providing in depth biochemical analysis
helping you to achieve greater potential.

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Personal Trainer?

We work closely with personal trainers to educate
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At Gore Bioscience we design nutritional programs that are based on advanced biochemical testing that is either not available from other health practitioners, nutritionists and dieticians or tests that Gore Bioscience have enhanced the testing chemistries and/or improved the interpretation of the results. These unique programs can be used for many different goals whether that is weight loss, or management of certain health conditions.

A Word from Gore Bioscience

”Human biochemistry means that no two individuals are the same. Our biochemistry and our immune system is constantly changing and adapting according to the foods we eat and the lifestyle we lead. As a result generic “one size fits all” advice on health, fitness and well-being is, at best, random and will benefit some individuals and not others. Gore Bioscience eliminates that guesswork by using biochemical tests to analyse an individual’s unique biochemistry to provide advice on health fitness and well-being that is relevant to that individual thereby allowing them to make positive changes to their lives and experience good health and well-being.”

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